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WEMA Directory

WEMA Board

Position Name Phone
Advisor David Pierce 757.824.1201
Chair Rebecca Hudson 757.824.1139
Vice Chair Sarah Wright 757.824.2283
Executive Secretary Victoria Danna 757.824.2336
Treasurer Vacant  
Exchange Operations Manager Debbie Parks 757.824.1062
MAC Chair Sarah Fischer 757.824.1324
Members at Large Susan Anderson 757.824.2821
  Joshua Bundick 757.824.2319
  Michael Hitch 757.824.1522
  Scott Schaire 757.824.1120

WEMA Business Office

Position Name Phone
General Manager Rinell Vincent 757.824.2040
Cafeteria Manager April Roebuck 757.824.1457
Administrative Assistant Nicole Mapp 757.824.2010
Exchange / Gift Shop Manager Devin Alms 757.824.2020
Lodging Manager Deborah Toth 757.824.1697
Rocket Club Manager / Event Coordinator George Hope 757.824.1454

Morale Activities Committee (MAC)

Position Name Phone
Chair Sarah Fischer 757.824.1324
Vice Chair Joseph Weiner 757.824.1958
Secretary Chelsey Ballarte 757.824.1670
Treasurer Linda Wiles 757.824.1173
Member at Large Peter Dell 757.824.1658

MAC Clubs and Sponsored Programs

Club or Program Contact Phone
Aerobics Club Shari Miller 757.824.2327
Amateur Radio Club Bryan Sams 757.824.2169
Chess Club Lawrence Sheridan 757.824.2053
Debedeavon Toastmasters David Smith 757.824.1186
Eco Club Will Mast 757.824.2135
Fitness Club Tom Wilson 757.824.1570
Music Club John Heinz 757.824.2627
Prayer Club William Doughty 757.824.1489

For information on forming a club or program, call Peter Dell at x1658.


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