Wallops Fitness Club

The Wallops Fitness Club was established in 1986 as a nonprofit, volunteer, cooperative, independent employee organization. It is open to Wallops civil servant, contractor, and tenant employees. Over the years, we have helped thousands acquire and continue healthy lifestyles that benefit themselves and their employers. The club maintains a compliment of Nautilus machines, elliptic exercisers, treadmills, stair steppers, barbells and dumbells, heavy and speed punching bags, a stretch mat, and a basketball court, along with a television, radios, showers, and locker rooms, all in the Building D-10 gymnasium. The WFC is sponsored by the Morale Activities Committee.


Rules and Regulations
Membership Application
President Tom Wilson
Vice President Roland Wescott
Secretary Joe Polidan
Treasurer Michelle Leimbach
Equipment Manager Joe Polidan


How do I reserve the basketball court?

The basketball court can be reserved on a weekly or one-time basis. Roland Wescott (x1624) should be contacted to reserve the court area. Mr. Wescott will post a monthly schedule on the bulletin board in the gym's lobby.

Where can I buy a card when I cannot reach one of the officers?

Fitness club cards are available for sale in the NASA Exchange, adjacent to the cafeteria.

What are the gym's hours of operation?

The gym is open 24/7. Although the gym does not close, please respect the janitorial schedule; for housekeeping purposes, areas may be temporarily shut down for cleaning.

How do I get a locker?

Locker fees are $10 (large) and $5 (small) per year. Unfortunately, the men's lockers are all currently assigned. There is, however, a turnover of lockers as members leave or retire. You can be added to the waiting list by calling Tom Wilson (x1570) or requesting to be added on your application form. Women's lockers are readily available.

What if I lose my card?

You may purchase a replacement card for $5 per card. Proof of original purchase is required (i.e. go back to the officer/place you purchased your original card). It is recommended that you write your name, building number, and phone number on your card. This will insure your card getting back to you as soon as possible.

What if I find a card or item left in the gym?

If the card or item has a name and/or phone number on it, call the person and/or send it to him/her. If you can not identify the owner, call an officer of the Fitness Club. We have a lost and found system and will get the card or item back to the owner.

What if I see someone breaking the rules?

First, try to "coach" the person out of the offense. He/she may not realize that they are breaking the rules. Most rules are for the benefit of the members. The members run this club. We all must enforce the rules since we do not have a professional staff running the club. If you cannot work the problem out, report the violation to an officer. Your identity will remain anonymous.

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