NASA Headquarters supports scientific research by soliciting proposals through NASA Research Announcements. A peer review process is used to evaluate and select proposals. Please visit the NSPIRES website for information on NASA science opportunities.

The Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO) encourages organizations, not funded through a NASA Research Opportunity, to arrange missions by contacting the SRPO directly. Please contact the following SRPO staff members to discuss requirements and capabilities.

Philip Eberspeaker - Chief/Sounding Rockets Program Office
Emmett (Tripp) Ransone - Asst. Chief, Sounding Rockets Program Office
Giovanni Rosanova - Asst. Chief Sounding Rockets Program Office
John Hickman - Operations Manager
Brian Hall - Technical Manager
Cathy Hesh - Technical Manager
Libby West - SRPO Projects Manager
Carsell Milliner - Technical Manager
Julie Bloxom - SRPO Business Manager and Grants Manager
Charles Brodell - Vehicle Systems Manager
Todd Thornes - SMA Manager
Gordon Marsh - Projects Manager
Nathan Empson - Operations Manager
Maggie Thompson - Admin and Grants Support
Scott Bissett - Operations Manager

Program Flow for NASA supported research missions :

1. Principal Investigator (PI) responds to a NASA Research Announcement by submitting a proposal.
2. Abstracts are reviewed by the Sounding Rockets Program Office (SRPO)
3. SRPO provides feedback on feasibility and potential issues
4. NASA Headquarters selects propsals for funding

Mission Implementation Flow (following proposal acceptance):

(Download Flow Chart, pdf)

1. PI requests a Mission Initiation Conference (MIC) through SRPO
2. SRPO schedules the MIC
3. SRPO conducts the MIC
4. NASA Sounding Rocket Operations Contract (NSROC) works with the PI to refine requirements and develops a cost estimate.
5. NSROC conducts the Requirements Definition Meeting
6. Design effort begins
7. NSROC conducts Design Review
8. Hardware fabrication
9. Payload Integration
10. Environmental Testing (T&E)
11. NSROC holds Mission Readiness Review
12. NSROC ships payload
12 a. Science Team Performs final instrument calisbration and post T&E checks
13. NSROC travel
13 a. Science team travels and ships instrument
14. Field integration and testing
15. Launch Operations
16. Data Distribution
17. PI Feedback
18. Mission Task Closeout
19. Fee determination during 6 month PEB