NASA Sounding Rocket Operations Contract (NSROC)

NSROC furnishes management responsibilities and the requisite services and supplies (except that provided as Government Furnished Property) required to implement and maintain the NASA Sounding Rockets Program (NSRP). The NSROC Contractor:

  • Designs, fabricates, integrates, and performs flight qualification testing of sub-orbital payloads and manages the technical and administrative aspects of mission launch operations.
  • Provides and manages spacecraft design and fabrication, vehicle engineering, analytical studies of rocket and payload performance, altitude control systems, payload recovery systems, and mission management.
  • Provides PTO support in areas not directly related to NSRP implementation, such as fabrication, environmental testing, and special engineering and technical support.
  • Encourages "the highest and best use of the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) suborbital program infrastructure" and efficiently allocates "the overal cost to NASA for use of WFF resources and capabilities for non-NSRP and commercial customers."