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The purpose of Endurance mission is to make the first measurement the magnitude and structure of the electric field generated by Earth's ionosphere. The requirements to accomplish this objective are as follows: 1) launch into open magnetic field lines, away from the cusp and auroral zones; 2) minimize down-range traverse, flying as vertically as possible to obtain quasi-vertical profiles over a narrow range of flux tubes, location, and SZA; 3) fly above neutral exobase transition region; 4) fly in daytime; 5) launch during geomagnetically quiet time; and 6) launch during low EUV conditions to minimize
photoelectron scattering.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Collinson/NASA GSFC.

Drawing of the Oriole sounding rocket.

The Oriole IV is a four stage sounding rocket with a Talos first stage, Terrier second stage, Oriole third stage and a Nihka fourth stage.

Additional sounding rocket vehicles.

The Endurance mission is scheduled to launch from Svalbard, Norway.