Cusp Region EXperiment (C-REX) 2

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The overall objective is to identify mechanisms responsible for sustaining a region of enhanced neutral mass density at 400 km altitude that appears to be a permanent feature of EarthÂ’s cusp-region thermosphere.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Conde/University of Alaska.

Drawing of the Oriole sounding rocket.

The Black Brant XII-A is a four stage sounding rocket with a Talos first stage, Terrier second stage, Black Brant third stage and a Nihka fourth stage. The Black Brant XII-A can reach altitudes of about 1400 km. Payloads weighing from 300 to 1000 pounds can be flown. Additional sounding rocket vehicles

Additional sounding rocket vehicles.

Andoya Rocket Range map.

The C-REX-2 mission is scheduled to launch from Andoya Space Center located in Norway.