36.313 NP Milliner/NASA Wallops Flight Faciltiy - July 7, 2015
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36.313 NP Black Brant IX was launched from Wallops Island, VA on July 7, 2015. Two experiments from Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) Flight Opportunity program were supported by this mission. PI Marc Murbach from Ames Research Center is providing the Exo-brake experiment. The Exo-brake experiment is a passive means of de-orbiting an object. Marc Gibson from Glenn Research Center is providing the Radial Core Heat Spreader (RCHS) experiment. The Radial Core Heat Spreader is a method of thermal energy conversion, for use with space power.

Drawing of a Terrier-Black Brant sounding rocket

The Black Brant 9 is a two stage sounding rocket with a Terrier first stage and Black Brant second stage. The Black Brant 9 can reach altitudes of about 600 km. Payloads weighing from 400 to 1200 pounds can be flown.

Additional sounding rocket vehicles

Google Earth map showing Wallops Flight Facility

This mission was launched from NASA Wallops Flight Facility on July 7, 2015.