41.097, 41.098, 46.002, 46.003, 45.004 UE LARSEN/CLEMSON UNIVERSITY 3-27-2012
Anomalous TRansport EXperiment (ATREX)

ATREX mission sounding rockets launching from Wallops Island.Two Terrier-Improved Orions (41.097&41.098), two Terrier-Improved Malemutes (46.002&46.003) and one Terrier-Oriole (45.004) were launched from Wallops Island, VA on March 27, 2012. The scientific objective of the Anomalous TRansport EXperiment (ATREX) is to obtain measurements of the turbulent fluctuations over an extended horizontal range of 550 km. Specifically, it will measure the structure function for the velocity fluctuations over a range of horizontal spatial lags that covers a decade or more. The structure function parameters, including the Hurst or fractal exponent, are critical in distinguishing the different types of turbulent processes. The relative separation velocities as a function of horizontal separation are also an important diagnostic of the dynamics responsible for the anomalous transport. Dr. Miguel Larsen/Clemson University is the Principal Investigator.