RockOn launch from Wallops Island41.088 UO Terrier-Orion was launched from Wallops Island, VA on June 24, 2010. This mission was the third flight of the hands-on, university level rocket flight workshop known as “RockOn” which is the collaborative efforts of Colorado Space Grant Consortium (COSGC), the Virginia Space Grant Consortium (VSGC), and Wallops Flight Facility. This mission included five RockOn! workshop experiments and RockSat-C experiments from University of Northern Colorado, Colorado State University College of Engineering, Temple Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Minnesota, West Virginia University, University of Puerto Rico, University of Wyoming, Virginia Tech, and College of Menominee Nation.

The primary objective of the RockOn workshop is to provide university undergraduate level students and instructors with a space flight opportunity that involves minimal cost, minimal amount of time invested, and a relative low level of complexity. The RockOn workshop is intended to be an
introductory flight opportunity to provide exposure to and spark the interest in space-based science mission. The long term goal of this program is to provide a low cost subsidized, self-sustaining, annual training program for the university community. This will be accomplished by flying two classes of experiments. The first time participants fly the simpler kit experiments known as the RockSat-W experiments and as they gain more experience they will progress toward developing their own unique experiments know as the RockSat-C class experiments. Those providing the RockSat-C experiments will be paying a small fee to fly on this mission.

Information on previous RockOn! & RockSat mission, see: Student launch page

To find out more about this flight opportunity visit the Colorado Space Grant Consortium on the web at: http://spacegrant.colorado.edu/rockon/

or the
Virginia Space Grant Consortium at: http://www.vsgc.odu.edu/

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