35.037, 41.061, 41.062, & 41.063/Craven/University of Alaska 2-14-2007

Poker Flat Research Range with Aurora overhead. Photo by Scott Hesh.All four vehicles in the HEX 2 mission were successfully launched from Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska on February 14, 2007. The first vehicle 41.061, a Terrier-Orion, was launched at 09:22:01Z, followed by 35.037, a Black Brant X at 09:27:11Z, the third and fourth vehicles, 41.063 and 41.062, both Terrier-Orions, were launched at 09:36:11Z and 09:38:11Z, respectively.

Visit the Mission Planning Lab (MPL) website to view a simulation of the of the HEX mission.

Information on the HEX 2 mission

HEX 2 - Investigations of Mesoscale Drivers for Vertical and Horizontal Winds in the High-Latitude Lower Thermosphere
The fundamental scientific objective for this mission is, for the first time, to measure all terms in the atmospheric mass continuity equation, using a combination of rockets and various ground-based diagnostics facilities.
Four rockets will be launched to conduct this mission.  All four payloads will consist of both instruments and chemical releases.  The H-rocket (41.061 Terrier Orion) will be oriented to propel the payload on a near horizontal trajectory and will consist of an aft chemical section and a forward instrumented section.  Three V-rockets (35.037, 41.063 and 41.062, one Black Brant X and two Terrier-Orions's) are comprised of traditional chemical release experiments with a forward instrument package.

Link to HEX information at the Geophysical Institute/Poker Flat Research Range