40.019/LaBelle/Dartmouth College 2-28-2007

LaBelle payload in ground station40.019 UE Black Brant XII was launched from Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska on February 28,2007 at 08:39:41 Z. This vehicle was the last of ten rockets flown during the January - February launch window, and concludes the 2007 Poker Flat campaign. The purpose of this mission is to study the Correlation of High-Frequencies and Auroral Roar Measurements (CHARM). The principal investigator for this mission is Dr. LaBelle of Dartmouth College

CHARM:  Correlations of High-Frequencies and Auroral Roar Measurements

The CHARM mission will answer several of the most outstanding questions about the physics of high-frequency waves in the Earth’s aurora.  By including sophisticated measurements of correlations between Langmuir waves and auroral electrons of various energies, this experiment will directly test theoretical predictions of wave growth, electron bunching, and resulting wave evolution.

One rocket will be launched to conduct this mission.