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The Terrier-Improved Orion consists of a Terrier 1st stage and an "improved" Orion second stage. This vehicle is capable of achieving an altitude of 75 km with an 800 lb payload and 225 km with a 200 lb payload. Typically, this system is used for 14 inch payload configurations.


WFF launch: w_t70io_50.avi (45.8 MB)
PFRR launches:

For details of the Craven mission, see the Sounding Rocket Program Office web site.


Listed below are various screenshots from the STK scenario of this Terrier Orion. One set depicts a launch from WFF. The other set depicts a launch from PFRR.


Full Trajectory Launch Apogee Stage Events


Full Trajectory Launch Apogee


The AGI Viewer is required in order to view a VDF file type. Using this viewer allows for user interactivity (zoom, pan and adjusting time step). Download the free AGI Viewer at (68.5 Mb).

VDF of WFF launch: w_t12io.vdf (237 kb).
VDF of PFRR launch: t70io_pfrr.vdf (8.6 Mb).

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