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Mission Planning Lab


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Visibility → Feasibility → Variability → Certainty


  • How will the flight look?
    • Pre-mission planning
    • Models, GIS, attitude
  • How did the flight look?
    • Post-flight analysis
  • Scenarios, videos, screen shots, and 3D files.
    • Allow further detailed engineering or safety analysis
  • See the Capability Catalog.
  • See real-time capability.


  • Can it be done?
  • Provide broad range mission feasibility
    • Reflect ground and space-based tracking asset line of sight
    • Formulate trajectories provided by in-house or outside customer sources


  • What should or can be changed?
  • Adjust various vehicle and mission characteristics to create different trajectories
  • Examine trade-offs through link analysis
  • Allow customers to make cost benefit or mission assurance decisions for missions


  • How accurate is it?
  • Refine Ground Assets in more technical Detail
  • Verify Pre- and Post- Flight Analysis Results
  • Conduct more Independent Verification and Validation
  • Enable more Rapid Safety Analysis
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