MPE - How to Participate

The first step to participating in the MPE Carrier Program is to review the online information and the MPE User Handbook to determine eligibility and compatibility. For educational institutions, MPE is a university-level program.

  1. Review online information and download the MPE User Handbook.
  2. Submit an online Notice of Intent (NOI) to propose.
  3. Schedule an "Interview" telecom with NASA - you will be contacted by a technical representative to schedule.
  4. Submit an online format "Proposal" and review the Information/Documentation flow chart.

A NASA Technical Manager (NTM) will be assigned to your payload and assist you in the remaining documentation and integration processes.

  1. Download the Payload Accomodations Matrix (PAM) and Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) for review and preparation.
  2. Contact your NTM, who will be assigned to you upon receipt of your proposal with any questions.
  3. Submit and PAM and PHA. Schedule a Technical Interchange Meeting (via telecom) to discuss your PAM and PHA with the NASA MPE team.
  4. Sign a Letter of Intent (LOI) with NASA indicating your organization and NASA has obtained senior management approval to work towards a flight of your proposed payload.

NASA cannot proceed with further documentation and technical support for your project until the LOI is signed. Once the LOI is signed, your NTM will guild you through the remaining stages of documentation and flight preparation.

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