MPE Hardware, Volume, and Interface

The MPE carrier system is defined as the MPE structure and the attached payloads.

MPE Structure

MPE Volume and Mass

Any of the three MPE configurations with attached payloads must fit within the DARPA Falcon payload envelope. Payload measurements do not include the height of the clamp band separation system. The payload mating plane to the clamp band is considered to be the interface plane.

Falcon Envelope:
Diameter 60 inches
Height 40 inches

Static Payload Volume:
Classification Single Segment Double Segment
Primary 40 inch diameter
34 inch height
40 inch diameter
12 inch height*
Secondary 20 inch width
19 inch length
16.93 inch maximum radius height
20 inch width
19 inch length
16.93 inch maximum radius height
Tertiary No slot Determined by the 40 inch diameter and flange cover of Segment #2

*Note: In a double segment, the primary payload may negotiate use of additional volume below the top-mating surface of the 15 inch separation system.

MPE Payload Separation/Interface System

The MPE structure is designed to accommodate a 15 inch diameter separation system. Adapter plates may be used to accommodate payload separation systems that differ from this interface.

Electrical Interface Connection

A 15 pin zero-force D-sub connector is required for battery charging and telemetry verification of breakwire separation of the payload. The MPE connector is male or female.

Please refer to the User Handbook for details on electrical accommodations and connector pin-out tables.

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