MPE Payload Separation Capabilities

The MPE interface plates for primary and secondary payloads are baselined to accommodate a 15 inch Motorized Lightboard designed by Planetary Systems or an equivalent. The Planetary Systems lightband is a low shock separation system with a proven flight heritage. Optional configurations are available on this ejection system. More information about the Planetary System lightband is available at

No separation systems are provided for tertiary payloads. The tertiary slot has been designed to accommodate a P-POD Mark 2 ejection system or equivalent.

MPE Payload Separation Event

Separation is controlled by the MPE according to a mission operation scenario that defines the timer event. The duration is up to 1 orbit. The timer is initiated by the launch vehicle 'separation' signal, which may not occur until after reaching the orbital environment.

Separation times are influenced by the separation order required to minimize induce motion of the MPE and separation distances requested between insertion orbits.

See the User Handbook for separation details.

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