Efficient On-Orbit Payload Operations

Payload Control Center

It is common for individual spacecraft to develop custom solutions for on-orbit payload operations. Development of new payload operations control centers (POCCs) and mission-unique software and communication protocols can be as expensive and time-consuming as the spacecraft itself.

A key to minimizing payload operations is the development of standardized tools an designs that are usable for and can support a wide array of missions, and be used with a limited amount of investment by the end user researcher/student at their home institution.

Control Center in the Classroom

SLVR envisions the wide use of IP-in-space protocol on its MPEC and Freeflyer carriers, as well as individual payloads on the MPE. This will allow universities and other experimenters to access payload data via the web. The NASA Ground Network will serve as the gateway for payload control and data routing.

The Control-Center-in-the-Classroom initiative under development by GSFC will be leveraged for educational payloads. This standardized, flexible spacecraft management software will reduce mission-unique engineering.

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