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Triple-segment MPE


The Multiple Payload Ejector (MPE) is a low-cost, lightweight carrier designed for educational, scientific, and Exploration Program technology experiments. The carrier accommodates multiple primary, secondary, and tertiary payload configurations.

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Payload Separation (WMV - 4.34 MB)


Listed below are screenshots from an STK scenario of an MPE carrier launching from WFF. Click the images to enlarge.

MPE Launch Stage Two MPE Primary Payload Separation MPE Secondary Payload Separation MPE Tertiary Payload Separation


The AGI Viewer is required in order to view a VDF file type. Using this viewer allows for user interactivity (zoom, pan and adjusting time step). Download the free AGI Viewer at (68.5 Mb).

VDF of WFF launch: MPE.vdf (11.8 MB)

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