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The Minotaur rocket is a four-stage launch vehicle. It's constructed using a combination of U.S. government supplied Minuteman II motors and other proven space launch technologies. The Minuteman rocket motors serve as the vehicle's first and second stages. The third and fourth stages are common with the Pegasus XL rocket.


WFF launches:

For details of the TacSat-2 mission, see the Wallops TacSat-2 page.


Shown below are screenshots from STK scenarios of the NFIRE and TacSat-2 missions. Click the images to enlarge.


NFIRE 1st Stage NFIRE Stage Seperation NFIRE Wallops/Coquina Coverage NFIRE Antigua Coverage


TacSat-2 Launch Third T+536 Seconds T+683 Seconds


The AGI Viewer is required in order to view a VDF file type. Using this viewer allows for user interactivity (zoom, pan and adjusting time step). Download the free AGI Viewer at (68.5 Mb)

VDF of WFF launch: w_nfire.vdf (280 kb)

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