Report A Mishap
NASA Safe Reporting System
NASA Safety & Hazard Reporting System
Code 803 Mission
To enable scientific research projects to be conducted while assuring the safety, health, and integrity of the public and the workforce, and to protect NASA property.
Flight Safety

Flight Safety encompasses all pre-launch, flight, and post-launch safety activities that pertain to the flight of a vehicle after it is launched.  It is a philosophy and methodology whereby rocket, balloon, drone, Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) and aircraft flight operations can be performed in a reasonable and prudent manner without undue risk to people or property or embarrassment to NASA or the United States Government.  The range at WFF is used quite frequently for all types of scientific missions, so Flight Safety is a key part of the success and integrity of each mission. Flight Safety has the responsibility to ensure safe mission activities from preparation through operation and post-operations; both for missions launched from the range here at WFF and for those supported off range.

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