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NASA Safe Reporting System
NASA Safety & Hazard Reporting System
Code 803 Mission
To enable scientific research projects to be conducted while assuring the safety, health, and integrity of the public and the workforce, and to protect NASA property.
Safety FAQ & Links

Safety Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Who is responsible for Safety at WFF?

Q:  Where can I find out about current emergency conditions at WFF?

Q:  What is a Flight Safety Analysis?

Q:  What is a Flight Safety System and what does it do?

Q:  How do Ground Safety and Institutional Safety differ?
Q:  What is a Range?

Q:  What is Range Safety?

Q:  How is NASA Range Safety Organized?

Q:  Who is a Range Safety Officer (RSO) and why are they important?

Q:  Where are some of the different NASA range and launch sites located?

Q:  What are some different types of hazards?