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Mission Name: VISualizing Ion Outflow vie Neutral atom imaging during a Substorm

Purpose: The VISIONS science objective is to understand: How, when and where, are ions accelerated to escape velocities in the auroral zone below 1,000 Km following a sub-storm onset. In order to achieve this objective, VISIONS will utilize a combination of in situ (in place) measurements at altitudes up to 1000 Km and remote sensing over a volume of 1000 Km in diameter. VISIONS will make the first measurements that can separate spatial from temporal variations in the ion outflows and determine their relation to sources of free energy in the night-side auroral zone sfollowing a sub-storm onset.

Rocket Type: Talos-Terrier MK70 Oriole-Nihka

Location: Poker Flat Research Range

Launcher: Pad 4

Date of Launch: February 6, 2013

Time: 08:21 ZULA

Experiment results: First look at experiment data shows very good results from all instruments. The mission was launched following an auroral substorm.

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