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RockSat-X 2015

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A Terrier Mk12 - Improved Malemute sounding rocket carrying student experiments took off from the Wallops Range August 12, 2015. The RockSat-X 2015 mission is the fifth in the series of RockSat-X payloads, which provide expanded flight opportunities beyond the RockOn series. This mission provides experimenters from seven universities the opportunity to fly a payload of their choosing and to be exposed to the space environment. The universities involved include University of Puerto Rico, Northwest Nazarene University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Colorado at Boulder, Capitol Technology University, University of Hawaii Community College, and Virginia Tech University. The vehicle being used is a Terrier-Improved Malemute vehicle, and it is a two stage, solid propellant, unguided, rail-launched, sounding rocket.

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