RockSatX 2014

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The RockSatX 2014 mission was successfully launched from the Wallops Range April 18, 2015, at 7:01 a.m. EST. The RockSatX payload was carried aboard a Terrier Mk12-Improved Malemute sounding rocket with experiments developed by undergraduate students.

This mission provided experimenters from five universities the opportunity to fly a payload of their choosing and to be exposed to the space environment. The universities involved include University of Puerto Rico, Northwest Nazarene University, University of Nebraska Lincoln, University of Colorado at Boulder, and Virginia Tech University. The launch was originally scheduled for August 2014, but was delayed due to the SubTEC-6 motor anomoly. Students have improved upon their experiments with the added time.

The Level 1 requirement for this mission were as follows: Successful launch of the RockSat-X payload, including vehicle performance within 2 sigma of predictions; all experiments successfully exposed to the space environment at an altitude within 2 sigma of predictions; desired payload attitude achieved within 7 degrees; all individual turn-ons, deployments or ejection actuations sent to each experiment at the programmed time; payload recovery; data collected from the majority of the telemetered channels used by the university-built experiments.

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