RockOn! 2016

WALLOPS ISLAND, Virginia - The RockOn! 2016 mission successfully lifted off from the MRL launcher on Pad 2 aboard a two-stage Terrier MK12 — Improved Orion sounding rocket at the Wallops Range on June 24. The rocket carried a payload with student experiments from the RockOn/RockSat-C program.

This mission was a continuation of the annual hands-on, universitylevel rocket flight training workshop which is a collaborative effort by the Colorado Space Grant Consortium, the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and Wallops Flight Facility. The Research Range Services (RRS) team supports the mission with many Range services which include radar, command and control, optical tracking and many other services which enable the launch of the sounding rocket. As a continuing effort to improve and enhance Range capabilities, this mission was supported by a small drone which captured the launch with video, providing a unique visual perspective never before captured by the Range.

Approximately 250 students experienced the launch from Wallops. The following colleges and universities provided RockSat-C experiments. Additionally, Cubes-in-Space, a nationwide program for middle school students, flew experiments on this mission.