Norway 2015 Campaign - CAPER and RENU 2

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After less than 2 months back home the ROC team returned to Norway in support of the CAPER and RENU 2 missions. Due to the trajectory of both mission the range had to employee two downrange tracking sites at Tromsø and Svalbard, Norway, through Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) of Norway. On Nov. 30, 2016, the CAPER mission took off from the U3 launcher at Andøya Space Center (ASC), but a third-stage motor failure ended the mission early. While the mission was deemed a failure, it was a small success for the range as they were able to track the vehicle from payload turn on through splash down with no loss of data from Andøya. The flight data provided by the range was instrumental in receiving clearance to proceed with the Lessard launch. Without this data it is possible the remainder of the campaign could have been cancelled. Fortunately, the RENU 2 mission launched on Dec. 13, 2016, and was an overwhelming success on all accounts. All tracking sites acquired, tracked, and recorded good data, meeting all mission requirements.

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