Norway 2014 Campaign

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ANDENES, Norway – After a three year hiatus, the RMMO team returned to Northern Norway in order to support a two rocket campaign out of Andøya Space Center (ASC) in Andenes, Norway. The four-stage Talos-Terrier MK70-Black Brant-Nihka sounding rocket launched on the morning of November 24, 2014, carrying the Cusp-Region Experiment (C-REX). Unfortunately, the Cusp Alfven and Plasma Electrodynamics (CAPER) payload sitting atop a four-stage Talos-Terrier Mk 70-Oriole – Nihka never got off the ground, but not from lack of trying.

The RMMO staff deployed to Norway in late August and completed the setup of a remote site at ASC, which consisted of a 7.3M Antenna, SuperVan (TM Receiving recording and Readout system), Mobile Power System and Boresite antenna. The team returned to the site in late October to gear up for campaign support. In addition to providing tracking support at ASC, RSS also deployed a two-man crew to both Tromsø and Svalbard, Norway. RMMO contracted with Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) for providing downrange tracking in order to meet the science requirements of the CAPER mission and to provide redundancy in tracking. Both downrange sites were setup with a suite of telemetry equipment.

The first day of the launch window kicked off on November 19, 2014, with only CAPER on the rail staged to launch all sites green. Unfortunately as luck would have it, varying wind conditions coupled with lack in science would not proceed a favorable launch condition during the first several days of the launch window. By November 24. the second sounding rocket, C-REX was loaded onto the launch rail and poised for launch. The countdown started 0300UTC with preparation for the CAPER, but approximately two hours into the count the science did not look promising for the CAPER payload and the ASC and Tromso station were switched over to support C-REX. It turns out the first day would be bring near perfect conditions for the C-REX which lifted off at 0805UTC.

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