RockOn! VIII 2015

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The RockOn! VIII mission successfully launched from the Wallops Range June 25, 2015, aboard a Mk12 Terrier - Improved Orion sounding rocket. The rocket carried a payload with student experiments from the RockOn/RockSat-C program.

The payload flew to an altitude of 71.4 miles and descended by parachute into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Wallops.

The RockOn workshop provides university undergraduate level students and instructors with a space flight opportunity that involves minimal cost/time investment/complexity, and minimal impact to the NASA Sounding Rocket Program.

The mission of RockOn is to teach university students and faculty the basics of rocket payload construction and integration. The RockOn payload is designed to capture and record 3-axis accelerations, pressure, temperature, and radiation counts for the duration of the vehicle’s flight.

The Minimum Success Criteria is to conduct at least one hot count for the RockOn/RockSat-C mission. The Comprehensive Success Criteria is to have a successful launch of the RockOn and RockSat-C payload, recovery of the payload, and data collected from the majority of the experiments.

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