Wallops Test Range
Wallops Main Base

The Wallops Test Range is an element of Wallops Flight Facility.  Wallops implements programs and operations in support of NASA's science and technology objectives.

These activities include:

  • NASA Sounding Rocket Missions
  • NASA Science Aircraft Missions
  • DoD Projects
  • Commercial Launches
  • NASA Aeronautics Enterprise Missions
  • Orbital Tracking

Wallops maintains a Test Range to support these and other NASA programs.  The Test Range is comprised of:

  • Launch Range
  • Research Airport

Additionally, Wallops Test Range consists of numerous supporting elements, including:

  • Operating airspace, ocean, and frequency spectrum
  • Fixed and mobile instrumentation
  • User facilities
  • Logistical services
  • Experienced personnel

Wallops manages these individual elements as a seamless test facility that provides a unique capability for NASA, DoD, other government agencies, commercial industry, and educational institutions.  In addition Wallops manages and implements a wide variety of engineering upgrade and technology activities which improve and extend the capability and reliability of the Wallops Flight Facility range.