Wallops Launch Range
Wallops Main Base

The Wallops Launch Range enables national Science and Advanced Launch Technology goals to be achieved and frequent flight opportunities for a diverse customer base.

Wallops is a high fidelity proving ground for advanced launch technologies, providing launch facilities and services to our partners and customers.

Wallops Launch Facilities:

  • 6 Launch Pads
  • 2 Commercial Launch Complexes
  • Assembly and Payload Processing Facilities
  • Dynamic Balance Facility
  • Fabrication and Testing Facilities
  • Storage Facilities

Wallops supports the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS), located on Wallops Island, providing commercial orbital launch services for small-to-medium class launches.

Wallops supports DoD customers such as long-time Navy partners ACSC, NSWC and NAWCAD.  The Navy utilizes Wallops facilities and services to conduct fleet exercises, develop instrumentation and launch targets.

Wallops Launch Services:

  • Range Safety
  • Radar Tracking (fixed & mobile)
  • Telemetry (fixed & mobile)
  • Command & Control
  • Communications
  • Data retrieval and processing

Range Control Services:

  • Test Director
  • Range Support Management
  • Restricted Airspace coordination
  • Meteorological services

Wallops provides around-the-clock network and range instrumentation and operations to support many of NASA's low-earth orbiting spacecraft, and is positioned to offer these services to DoD and commercial spacecraft.