Business Contacts

For business inquiries, please contact the Code 802 Advanced Projects Office:

Gary Letchworth

Phone: 757-824-1479
Business Process

1. Contact any of the key contacts listed above.

2. Depending on the nature of your business one of these contacts will be named as a Project Manager (PM) to serve as your single point of contact while doing business with Wallops.

3. The PM will then work closely with you to arrange all details of your project needs, whether the operation is to be at Wallops or deployed, throughout all phases of your project to completion.

4. The PM will ask you to prepare a letter of request for support to the Director. This is a brief description of your project, the skills and facilities to be used while at Wallops, approximate level of effort and of funding to:

William A. Wrobel, Director
Suborbital Projects and Operations Directorate
NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Wallops Island, VA 23337

5. The PM will work closely with you to initiate and follow through on the following key elements characteristic of most projects done at Wallops:

  • Prepare support requests and perhaps arrange for a customer site survey depending on the customer's familiarity with Wallops.
  • A project initiation conference may be arranged with you to gather all the required Wallops skills and facility representatives together to lay out an initial project design.
  • A preliminary cost estimate.
  • An official letter of acceptance of your work here will be prepared and sent to you.
  • Final project design is documented in a formal Wallops test document – the Operations & Safety Directive.