Antares ORB-2

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RMMO personnel succeeded in launching the fourth Antares launch vehicle and the third Cygnus cargo module to the International Space Station (ISS) on July 13, 2014. RRS fully met all objectives for the Antares Orb-2 mission, providing all services in the standard package of launch support, with all deliverables completed on schedule.

The Orb-2 Cygnus cargo module was released from the ISS and in a blazing return to the Earth’s atmosphere selfdestructed as planned on Aug. 17, 2014. Wallops’ downrange tracking station in Bermuda augmented the Range instrumentation, offsetting expected signal losses from Wallops, with support that mirrored the Orb-1 mission.

This mission witnessed the culmination of several obstacles postponing the launch, which was originally slated for May 5, 2014. The first delay moved the anticipated launch date to June and was due to a scheduling conflict with the ISS. Overcoming scheduling and testing conflicts to successfully complete the task at hand, RRS personnel proved in 2014 that executing the Antares mission is just another day at the Range.

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