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Balloon Research and Development Laboratory (BRDL)


Our mission is to conduct research and development in support of advancing the Terrestrial and Planetary balloon systems. We provide leadership in the characterization and development of inflatable structures. The BRDL is here to support the materials testing needs for Wallops Flight Facility and external projects.

Materials and CapabilitiesMaterials Testing Machine with Thermal Chamber

  • The BRDL is equiped to handle and characterize a varity of materials including: Polymers, Metals, Ceramics, Thin Films, Yarn/Fibers, Fabrics, Composites, Structures, Subsystems and Inflatables.
  • The lab also can handle testing applications such as Tensile, Creep/Creep Rupture, Stress Relaxation, Thermal Cycling, Fatigue, Photogrammetry, Thermal Analysis, Compression Testing, Impact Toughness, Tear Characterization and Seam.

For further information, please contact:
Dr. Magdi Said
Balloon Research & Development Laboratory Manager





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