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NASA's BARREL Mission Launches 20 Balloons05.21.2013

NASA's Balloon Program Office based at Wallops Flight Facility kicked off the summer Sweden balloon campaign at Esrange, Sweden. The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) SUNRISE II instrument is ready for launch. You can read more about the campaign here. 

The Balloon Program's 2013 Sweden campaign will support a single mission, SUNRISE II, as it takes to the skies to study the sun's magnetosphere. SUNRISE II will be aboard a 34 million cubic foot balloon at a float altitude of approximately 120,000 feet. 
The principal investigator of the SUNRISE II mission is Dr. Michael Knoelker of NCAR. 

For more information on SUNRISE II, go to: 

The Swedish Space Corporation at Esrange provides facilities and support for NASA’s Sweden balloon campaign. For more information about Esrange, visit: 

To monitor the real time flight tracks of the balloon on the Internet, visit: 


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