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Current Flight Campaigns05.27.2009

Balloon's Spring 2009 Campaigns are in full swing. Ft. Sumner, NM Spring Campaign started in mid-April with preparations and the successful launches in May of the CREST and NCT instruments. There are two remaining flights to be completed before closing out the campaign. 

Congrats on their success to Drs. James Musser of Indiana University and Dr. Steven Boggs of Univ of CA at Berkeley. 

Summer Campaign in Sweden welcomed the successful launch on May 17, of the LEE instrument with three more flights standing by, one of which is a test flight of the Super Pressure Balloon, which has taken Debbie Fairbrother, Henry Cathey and soon to follow BPO Chief, David Pierce and Safety's Linda Wiles to Esrange. Hopefully things will run smoothly and everyone will be back in time for the 4th of July celebrations. Good Luck to all!


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