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Super Pressure Balloon Sets New Flight Record03.03.2009

NASA's 7 million cubic foot Super-Pressure balloon test flight was terminated on February 20, 2009 - 54 days 1 hour, 29 minutes. This marks the milestone of the longest flight for the NASA Balloon Program. 
The previous record was held by the Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass (CREAM) 2005 flight of 41 days, 21 hours, 36 minutes. Many people have been associated with the Super-Pressure, formally know as Ultra Long Duration Balloon (ULDB), project for over 12 years. Untold days and late nights have been spent diligently learning from previous flights.

All these dedicated efforts have led to the design and development of this Super-Pressure balloon that has performed flawlessly. Congratulations to all past and present members of the NASA Balloon Program family and the Super-Pressure Team, NASA's Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF), Aerostar International Inc., Winzen Film & Fiber, Inc., Tensys, and the California Institute of Technology for the in genuity and solid engineering efforts that have culminated in this very successful and now record breaking flight.

Thanks to the staff of Aerostar for their expertise and precision in building NASA's balloons and to TCOM for the support ofour hangar model tests at their facility in Elizabeth City, N.C. Congratulations and thanks especially goto the staff of the CSBF, the National Science Foundation and Raytheon Polar Services Corporation for their support of this year's Antarctic campaign. They made this Super-Pressure test flight possible. While the flight duration record is something to be proud of, the team can be especially proud to see this new vehicle fly. Through their efforts, the engineering and operations knowledge that will be obtained from this test flight will take science into a new era of discovery.

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