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Wanaka, New Zealand

  • Inaugural Ultra Long Duration Balloon campaign 2015; Planned biennial
  • Super Pressure Balloon Flights only
  • Launch Timeframe 1 April - 15 April, Flight Ready 1 April.
  • Facilities provided through Wanaka Airport, Queenstown Airport Corporation
  • Support 1 Payload (hook height in current hangar is 19 ft)
  • NASA soliciting approval of construction for new Payload Bay
  • Payload weights up to 2300 kgs
  • Float altitudes of 33km and 36km (in development)
  • Minimal Altitude Excursions
  • World Class Facilities and Support
  • Primary remote land termination site South America. Australia and other options secondary.


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Scientific Balloon Update

Report back for the latest update from NASA's Balloon Program Office.