Full-sun Ultraviolet SpecTrograph (FURST)

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The goal of this mission is to study and better understand spectra of the "Sun as a Star". The Full-sun Ultraviolet Rocket Spectrograph (FURST) will obtain the first high resolution spectra of the Sun as a star in far ultraviolet. FURST spectra will have applications to solar and stellar physics, climate science, and the interaction of solar UV radiation with comets, moons, and planets. The immediate science goal is to understand better the processes of chromospheric and coronal heating. The solar spectrum obtained will enable understanding of the interaction of solar UV radiation with solar system bodies, the nature of magnetic energy dissipation as a Sun-like star evolves, and the dependence of magnetic activity on stellar mass and metallicity.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Kankelborg/Montana State Unversity

Drawing of a Terrier-Black Brant sounding rocket

The Black Brant 9 is a two stage sounding rocket with a Terrier first stage and Black Brant second stage. The Black Brant 9 can reach altitudes of about 600 km. Payloads weighing from 400 to 1200 pounds can be flown.

Additional sounding rocket vehicles

Google Earth Map showing White Sands Missile Range.

The FURST mission will be launched from White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.

Photos not currently available.