Doing Business with Wallops

The process for conducting a project at Wallops Flight Facility varies depending on the type of project and the type of customer organization. In general, the process follows the paths described below:

  1. Contact is initiated with the Advanced Projects Office to discuss feasibility of a prospective project.
  2. If NASA/Wallops and the customer agree that the project is feasible, frequently a Technical Interchange Meeting is scheduled (usually at Wallops) to familiarize Wallops personnel and identify key issues and actions.
  3. Wallops and the customer agree that technical and schedule requirements can be met.
  4. Wallops and the customer establish the necessary agreement as defined below:

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    • Customer provides Announcement of Opportunity Letter.


    • As determined appropriate by ranking NASA official.
    • Customer submits a formal letter of request to Wallops.
    • Wallops provides an acceptance letter defining cost estimate, assigned project manager, and any conditions of acceptance.


    • Wallops and the customer jointly develop an Interagency Agreement (IAA) which establishes terms of support. The IAA is signed by appropriate parties from each organization.
    • Customer provides funding. Wallops establishes the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
    • Wallops and the customer jointly develop a Space Act agreement which defines technical, schedule, legal and fiscal conditions.
    • Agreement is reviewed by appropriate officials of both organizations.
    • Agreement is signed by both parties.
    • Customer provides funding. Wallops establishes the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
    • International customer submits a formal request.
    • Wallops reviews the customer request and works with the Office of International and Interagency Relations (OIIR).
    • OIIR office works with the State Department for authorization to negotiate and conclude an International Agreement.

  5. Once funding has been established, the assigned Project Manager serves as the single point-of-contact for the lifetime of the project.
  6. The Project Manager will work with the customer to identify documentation required by Wallops to satisfy operational, safety, frequency, environmental and other requirements as necessary. Wallops strives to minimize the administrative requirements placed on the customer.
  7. The Project Manager will work with the customer to establish technical reviews, funding reports and other information necessary to assure that the project is conducted both safely and satisfactorily to the customer.
  8. Upon completion of the project, Wallops requests that the customer provide feedback on our support so that we can take steps to improve our services.