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Code 801: Resource Management Office

At Wallops Flight Facility the Code 801 Resource Management Office delivers business operations support to Programmatic and Institutional Programs. Our well trained resource analysts provide guidance and advice to ensure financial soundness is maintained in accordance with NASA, OMB, GAO, and Federal Acquisition Regulations. Resource personnel are integrated in each office allowing for seamless program support, which affords the program a dedicated point of contact in dealing with financial matters.

Resource Analysts conduct budget formulation and execution of program or project budgets, which are submitted to Center Management and NASA Headquarters to be culminated into the NASA budget and presented to Congress and the President for approval. Other responsibilities include identifying relationships between projected major program changes and the projected or established budget; forecasting shortfalls and actions necessary to accommodate changes; and utilizing in-depth price/cost analysis techniques involving many different and unrelated factors. Diligent management of the Code 800 workforce also helps ensure effective use of personnel and resources.

Point of Contact Phone
Susan Hite, Directorate Resource Manager 757.824.1077
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Curator: Brandon Wright
Responsible NASA Official: Keith A. Koehler
Last Updated: May 26, 2016