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Code 800: Suborbital and Special Orbital Projects Directorate

Suborbital and Special Orbital Projects Directorate Staff
Willam A. Wrobel, Director 757.824.1201
Bruce E. Underwood, Deputy Director 757.824.2555
Thomas J. Pittman, Deputy Director for Strategic Integration & Development 757.824.1955
Hope W. Garrison, Deputy Director for Business 757.824.1206
Frank T. Bellinger, Technical Director 757.824.1332
Joyce L. Winterton, Senior Advisor for Education & Leadership Development 757.824.2685
Michael G. Hitch, Special Liaison to the Director 757.824.1522
Lisa C. Joynes, Management Analyst 757.824.1202
Regena W. Haugh, Quality Assurance Specialist 757.824.1530
Hollis F. Parks, Directorate Secretary 757.824.1203


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Curator: Brandon Wright
Responsible NASA Official: Keith A. Koehler
Last Updated: December 14, 2015