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Code 598: Guidance, Navigation and Control and Mission Systems Engineering Branch

The Guidance, Navigation and Control and and Mission Systems Engineering Branch (Code 598) is responsible for the following:

  • Fabrication, assembly, and testing of hardware
  • Electronics testing, verification, cleaning, and assembly
  • Assembly of prototype circuit boards
  • Software development and testing
  • Environmental and thermal vacuum chamber testing
  • Mechanical integration of command data module
  • Design of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) simulators

During electronics testing verification, the electrical components are tested at the ESD benches and the circuit board electronics are verified to prepare for missions. Modifications are made such as changing chips, microprocessors, resistors or transistors. Testing and verification is performed for some projects such as the rotator project.

Prototype circuit boards or bread boards are designed on the computer and a model is made using OVCAD. The boards are then tested for circuit connections.

Code 598 personnel develop resilient flight control systems, verify software, and test the hardware interface for balloon pointing systems and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems.

Employees of Code 598 are involved in the integration of the command data module of the CREAM (Cosmic Ray and Mass Experiment) program balloon aircraft. These operations include assembling and testing subsystems and thermal materials.

GPS simulation dramatically reduces the need to perform expensive and time-consuming field trials for testing, evaluating or qualifying GPS receiving equipment and software, integration studies or mission planning. Situations difficult or impossible to create, such as those found in high dynamics or on orbit, can be simulated for development of equipment or missions. WFF GPS simulators have served successfully as a tool for the development of GPS receiver systems on sounding rockets, high altitude balloons, and aircraft for component selection, mission planning, failure investigation and for software and algorithm development for ELV termination systems and UAV control design.

Points of Contact
Joel M. Simpson, Branch Head 757.824.1070
Dorine B. Trent, Secretary 757.824.1560
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