Wallops Safety Video
Video for external use only. Wallops employees (both civil servants and contractors) requiring training to obtain island access must watch this video in SATERN to receive credit.

Wallops Safety Video [EXTERNAL] Wallops Safety Video [SATERN]
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NASA Safe Reporting System
NASA Safety & Hazard Reporting System
Code 390 Mission
To enable scientific research projects to be conducted while assuring the safety, health, and integrity of the public and the workforce, and to protect NASA property.
Wallops Safety and Mission Assurance Division, Code 390

Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) provides a low-cost national resource for the purpose of launching, flying, landing, and testing space and aeronautical vehicles and associated technologies. In order to perform these services safely, it is WFF's policy to protect the public, the NASA workforce, high-value equipment and property, and the environment from potential harm. All activities at WFF shall include safety as a fundamental element and certify readiness through a formal validation and verification review of safety requirements. Included in this process is rigorous evaluation, elimination (when possible), and mitigation of hazards and their associated risks.

In addition, the Wallops Safety and Mission Assurance (SMA) Division conducts an annual assessment of WFF workplaces to identify safety and health deficiencies and areas for improvment. The Fire Department conducts fire safety inspections of our buildings and Wallops SMA Division and supports workplace inspections by supervisors and Facilities Operations Managers (FOMs). Finally, the Wallops SMA Division provides training in safety and health, and works with supervisors to assist them in fulfilling their safety obligations.

Message from the Chief

Darren Bergan

Welcome to the Wallops Safety and Mission Assurance Division, Code 390!

The primary responsibility of the organization is to provide a safe environment for all employees, customers, and visitors as well as the protection of the public from our operations around the world. We provide this service by using highly trained safety and mission assurance professionals and contractor personnel who use the latest tools and information to support our programs.

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