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Code 240: Protective Services Division
Points of Contact Phone
General 757.824.1111
Reception Center 757.824.2222
Fax 757.824.1876
Tom Northam, Assoc. Chief 757.824.1885
Jean Lopez 757.824.2536
Sonny Hall 757.824.1357
Chelsea Brown 757.824.2126
Adam Dingus 757.824.7557

The PSD General telephone number, 757.824.1111, will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by a PSD employee or Security Force Representative. If the Security Force Representative is not able to assist you, your call will be transferred to the voice mail of the PSD employee you are trying to reach or the Security Force Representative will take a message and/or contact the PSD employee directly.

Badge requests should be submitted through the Online Temporary Badge Request System (OTBRS). Do not mail, email, or fax badge requests to the Receptionist Desk. (If you don't have access to the OTBRS, call 757-824-1111).

Calling WFF 911 for an Emergency

(For the enhanced safety and security of the Wallops Flight Facility (WFF) employees and guests, all Security emergency lines are recorded.)

Dial 911 from any WFF telephone or Dial 757.824.1333 from any cellular telephone.

Information you need to relay to the 911 operator:

  • What: What is the emergency? Is it a medical emergency, fire alarm activation, smoke in a room, chemical spill, or crime in progress?
  • Where: Where is the incident happening? The building and room number?
  • When: When did it happen? Is it occurring now, or at another time?
  • Who: Who did it? Is the assailant/perpetrator known? Is the assailant still on the scene? A physical description of the person.
  • Medical Condition: Is the person hurt? Nature of the injuries? Is the person conscious, breathing or bleeding? Person's age, sex, and prior medical history (if known)?

For any security related matter that DOES NOT require the immediate response of a Security Officer, Ambulance, or Fire Department, dial 1300 from any WFF telephone or Dial 757.824.1300 from any cellular telephone.

*** WHEN IN DOUBT – DIAL 9 1 1 ***

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Curator: Brandon Wright
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Last Updated: May 16, 2014