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Dr. Magdi Said

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Dr. Said is a Technology Manager in the Balloon Program Office. After joining NASA in 1989, he was responsible for establishing and initiating the current Balloon Research and Development Laboratory (BRDL) at Wallops, a unique facility with specialty in characterizing thin polymeric films and composites as well as a wide range of balloon technology research and development tools. Dr. Said currently manages the BRDL and leads the materials component of the Super Pressure Balloon development.

Over the years, he has been working on areas related to advancing scientific ballooning capabilities and reliability to meet the scientific community needs and has lead efforts for the development of Iridium communication system, trajectory control, and recently ExaVolt Antenna. He has also been heavily involved with the design, characterization and development of balloon film composites for both terrestrial and planetary ballooning applications. Dr. Said holds Master and Doctorate Degrees in materials engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as, a master in Physical Chemistry from Cairo, Egypt. He has over 50 publications on technical matters related to balloon technology and development.

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