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Antarctica FY2011 Campaign12.06.2010

Personnel from BPO, Safety and CSBF are onsite in support of operations with more personnel scheduled to arrive after Thanksgiving.

CREAM VI- Dr. Seo, Univ. of MD. This flight will be the sixth flight of the CREAM Payload, designed to extend the direct measurement of cosmic-ray composition to the energies capable of generating gigantic air showers primarily observed on the ground. The Science Team has deployed and science instrument and equipment are onsite.

BARREL- Dr. Millan, Dartmouth College. Two BARREL payloads are scheduled to launch to test changes in the power system/solar panel configuration. Science instrument and equipment are onsite.

BLAST- Dr. Devlin, Univ. of PA. Balloon-borne Large Aperture Submillimeter Telescope (BLAST) wide-area extragalactic and Galactic survey telescope. This will be the second flight of BLAST from Antarctica. The submillimeter polarimeter will study the effects of magnetic fields on star formation. BLAST PI and science team are onsite Antarctica. Integration of the instrument has commenced.

14 MCF SPB- David Pierce, NASA. The 14 MCF SPB Test Flight will be the third test flight to verify design changes, and to demonstrate deployment, pressurization to design pressure, and to maintain float altitude. SPB was shipped early in November.

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