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Alice Springs, Australia Campaign 1st of 3 Launces Underway!04.16.2010

The Balloon Program is currently conducting a Conventional "turnaround" campaign near Alice Springs in support of 3 payloads (TIGRE, NCT and HERO)

The TIGRE payload P.I. Dr. Allen Zych, University of California at Riverside TIGRE was launched at 19:05 EDT on 4/15 and is currently at float.

Tracking and Imaging Gamma Ray Experiment (TIGRE) is a gamma ray telescope that focuses on the Galactic Center to observe emissions from radioactive materials distributed along the galactic plane. TIGRE is sensitive to 1-10 MeV gamma rays as a Compton telescope with recoil electron tracking and to 10-100 MeV gamma rays as a pair telescope. During a planned 24 hour long balloon flight approximately 2 million events (100 GB) will be recorded from a float altitude of 127,000 Feet. The next launch will be in support of the NCT payload

NCT- Dr. Steven Boggs, University of California, Berkeley: The Nuclear Compton Telescope (NCT) is a gamma ray telescope designed to study astrophysical sources of nuclear line emission with high spectral and spatial resolution.

HERO- Dr. Brian Ramsey, Marshall Space Flight Center: High Energy Replicated Optics (HERO) is a hard x-ray focusing telescope system designed to map the Galactic Center region with high angular resolution. The following link is from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network. Giant NASA balloon lands in outback.


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