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FY10 Antarctic Campaign12.11.2009

The 14 MCF Super Pressure Balloon (SPB) was successfully launched on Dec. 10. Ascent was nominal. However, the balloon envelope catastrophically opened while going into float. CSBF is working to recover both payload and balloon. BPO will be gathering data and evidence and putting together an investigation team.

The Cosmic Ray Energetics And Mass (CREAM V) instrument and CSBF support systems continue functioning nominally. CREAM has been afloat over one week and is currently traversing the continent.

The initial Balloon Array for RBSP Relativistic Electron Losses (BARREL) flight was terminated December 8 after a payload power supply failure. It was afloat for nearly seven days. The BARREL #2 flight was successfully launched December 6. The flight was terminated the same day after its power supply experienced a failure. The BARREL project team is investigating their science power system problem. Assistance by CSBF, AETD and 820 with reviewing the schematics and data is being provided. The team has reconfigured one of their payloads to use batteries only and is planning to launch this payload at the next available opportunity.

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