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Super Pressure Balloon Flight 586-NT 07.10.2008

Fort Sumner Spring Campaign: The 2 Million Cubic Feet (MCF) super pressure balloon (ULDB) test flight was successfully completed on June 22, 2008.

The launch was nominal and occurred around 9:15 EDT in excellent weather conditions. The balloon exceeded all performance requirements during the 4 hour test flight.

The super pressure balloon (ULDB) development has been focused on understanding the mechanisms which cause a super pressure design to "cleft", or not fully deploy upon reaching float altitude, through several ground tests conducted during 2007. The test flight of the 2 MCF Balloon test flight on June 22 2008 from Ft. Sumner, New Mexico is one of three test flights planned during 2008 to verify design changes to ensure full deployment of the vehicle.

Longer term goals of this series of test flights is to achieve longer flight duration, as well as test instrumentation and operations scenarios.

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