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Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility (CSBF), Palestine Texas

  • CSBF Control Center
    • Can Support 3 Payloads in Flight at Once
    • Reciept and Processing of Telemetry
    • Flight Managment
    • Transferring Experiment Data to Users
    • Communications
    • FAA Airspace Coordination
  • Home facility for CSBF Operations
  • Support up to 3 payload integrations for Long Duration Balloon campaigns
  • Very limited flight support due to safety constraints
    • Westward "Conventional" flights lasting up to ~12 hours per flight
    • Supported via line-of-sight from Palestine, Texas
    • Not used during Turnaround or Eastward due to safety criteria limitations

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Scientific Balloon Update

Report back for the latest update from NASA's Balloon Program Office.